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Friday, February 10, 2012

Customized Learning

Perhaps you've heard about RSU#4's new path toward Mass Customized Learning (MCL).  We have been existing in an educational setting that is truly archaic.  It was created in the 1800's during the industrial revolution.  Our educators have been doing as well as possible under this system.  The State Dept. of Education and the RSU#4 School Board have decided that it is time for a change in our delivery system. This is no small feat.  We are used to what we have always done.  There are some models out there to examine, but what we have discovered throughout numerous conversations is that MCL looks different from one place to another, across states, towns and schools.

With the commitment from the school board, we are moving forward with some planning.  There will be training available for educators and administrators.  We are visiting other schools that are in this process in order to learn from their successes and mistakes.

The premise behind MCL is that students are able to progress through an established set of standards and learning targets at their own pace.  This is a gross over-simplification of a significant shift in practice and school culture.  Students receive learning plans that guide them though the learning targets.  These plans establish the necessary activities that must be completed prior to assessments.  Multiple resources are available to the student for guidance.  In using this system, students are typically more successful with exams and assessments as they don't complete them until they are ready.

We are taking small steps towards MCL.  All of our teachers are establishing and communicating learning targets to their students.  Ask your child about learning targets.  They should be able to tell you which learning targets they are working towards in each of their classes.

For more information, visit the MCL website posted on the right-hand navigation bar or give us a call!    

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